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Some Sparrow projects past, present and future:



1997 Paris to Peking 2cv


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This car featured a 1962 2cv bodyshell, 1300 GSA Engine and gearbox with twin Weber carbs, Ami Super chassis, GS Hydraulic brakes, GS wheels, adjustable spring rates and shock absorbers, full under body protection, twin fuel tanks, full roll cage and rally trip meters plus navigator aids. The car successfully completed the raid.


Supercharged 2cv



Built originally as a 1015cc Ami Super engine onto a 2cv gearbox, the next upgrade was an Opcon Autorotor supercharger. This involved adapting a SU carburettor, making an interface between supercharger and inlet manifold, making a new oil supply pipework and uprating the brakes. It makes 93bhp at 6psi.


2cv 4x4



This 2cv is built using as Louis Barbour 4x4 kit. The car features a 652cc Citroen Visa engine, 2 x 2cv gearboxes with 25% lower gearing, long travel suspension springs, rear diff lock, thermostatic electric cooling fan and weber carburettor.


Slough 2CV



1955 Slough built 2cv imported from South Africa in 2002. Mostly untouched apart from some ‘African’ modifications like a metal roof and motorcycle tyres. The car has some interesting features for the UK market such as opening rear windows, MPH Jaeger speedo, UK specific bumpers, Citroen ‘front drive’ emblem and steel boot lid. The car was missing many original features which have been painstakingly sourced over ten years ready for its restoration.

These cars were for the UK market and other RHD countries. They were expensive compared to other cars of the era. Production went from 1953 to 1960 with a total of 672 being made. Its thought that less than 50 survive worldwide today.


Citroen Ami Super



This particular Ami came in a variety of forms. Initially built using a 1975 Ami Super which was restored, painted purple and yellow and then modified using a standard 1300cc engine and 5 speed gearbox from a Citroen GSA.

A couple of years later it was modified again using increased compression ratio and head work and Weber IDF carburettors from an Alfa Sud. Finished off with a paint job of pink flames.

The last blue and yellow version saw the Citroen engine removed and a complete engine and gearbox from a race Alfa Sud put in. This required extensive work to the chassis, driveshafts, suspension, brakes, heater system and steering.


2cv race car (UK)



This car was found at a breakers yard full of old exhausts. It was rebuilt using  new panels, a strengthened Citroen chassis and 50mm roll cage. It followed the 2cv racing club technical regulations with modifications like 2-1 exhaust, special air filter system, aluminium shock absorbers and 200% uprated springs. This car was continually upgraded during its life with new performance parts which had been proven on an engine dynamometer. It came second in its first championship and won the next 3 that it entered. The car is still competitive in the 2cv racing club 13 years later.


BMW 1100s engine 2cv



This car is currently being built using a rough donor vehicle before being finished completely. It will use an SLC chassis, race 2cv  suspension and springs, BMW 1100s (98bhp) engine with fuel injection, GSA 5 speed gearbox, Citroen Axel brakes and larger oil cooler. The idea being to be able to fit all of this under a standard bonnet, make it handle and stop perfectly, as well as being everyday reliable.


1972 D Super 5



The DS/ID cars are a technical masterpiece. Even after 50 years they still amaze me.

This one is the D Super 5; nothing too fancy in DS terms but should provide a sensible reliable classic. As you can see even this French car is very rusty and everything has been taken apart, cleaned, welded, painted, repaired or replaced..... the list is endless. The build quality of Citroens of this era is not good and the aim with this one is to make sure that where possible it goes back together again using modern techniques, products and a bit more love than Citroen gave it so that it fairs better over the next 40 years


Dyane 16v



This Dyane has had an interesting history, having been fitted with at least 4 different engines and gearboxes during its life. The car currently runs a mid-mounted Rover K series engine and gearbox from a Lotus Elise. It has been used to commute as well as on track days which it has taken in its stride.

Its currently being modified to run a Rotrex supercharger, Emerald M3d engine management system and a charge cooler. Expected bhp should be 220. The car was featured in Practical Performance Car magazine in 2011 (opens in new window)



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