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I was fortunate about about three years ago, when internet surfing, to find a company called PTS whose website suggested that they really seemed to understand early Citroens. I emailed them without too many expectations and was pleasantly surprised by the speedy response. After speaking to them I decided to entrust my much loved 2CV to their care for its annual service and MOT. Pete really knows his stuff, my car genuinely felt better than it had for years. Equally good news was the advice offered on my cars future health and also the enthusiasm shown to keep such cars on the road. In my experience Pete's work has not only been of a high standard, for example on my car's last service Pete spotted and fixed a minor problem that I had meant to mention to him but had forgotten, but also very good value too. If you value your vehicle as much as me you really need to check him out. I suspect that if you do you won't want to go elsewhere in the future. No Pete is not one of my relations! I have worked in and out of the motor trade so I believe I can evaluate his services accurately.

Steve Pearce


"People stop in the street, wave and smile, someone even asked me to pull over to take a look! This is the effect a beautifully restored 2cv has on people. Everywhere we go and park on our return there is always someone looking and admiring. This is a testimony in itself to the passion, care and attention to detail that was taken by Pete in the total nuts and bolts rebuild of our 1989 2cv6, It was this that bought me to Sparrow Automotive in the first place and this that differentiated Pete from the numerous other 'specialist 2cv' restorers I spoke to, a genuine love of the car first and a business second!  Many many thanks Pete for giving us years of driving enjoyment to come."

Simon Thomas, Charvil, Berks. (For more pictures of Simon's car please click photo)

"We recently took our newly rebuilt and repainted 2cv Dolly on a trip to France. There was much admiration and waving from locals and tourists. Some school children on a coach gave us the thumbs up and the compliment "cool car!". We are really pleased with the workmanship in the rebuild that Pete accomplished and the personal pride he showed, even as we drove her away."

Catherine Lawson. (For more pictures of Catherine's car please click photo)

"I can recommend Pete’s work very highly. My 2cv, which I’ve had for over 20 years, was restored by Pete about 3 years ago. I was most impressed by his standards and quality was always his first concern. I have seen some restorations from elsewhere where the car looked great immediately after the work but very quickly deteriorated. In the case of my car it looks as good now 3 years later as when Pete finished the job, and in this time it has been used all year round. At the first classic car show that we visited after Pete’s restoration the 2cv won a prize for best visiting car."

Susie and Bill Wright. (For more pictures of Susie and Bill's 2cv please click photo)

"Make no mistake, Pete is a million miles from the traditional idea of a mechanic or garage owner.  Put it this way, NO-ONE gets to touch my classic cars... except Pete Sparrow.  It took me a long time to find him and a lot of costly mistakes with other garages but it was worth the search. He is a rare breed of "petrol-head" who actually cares about his customers as people, rather than as revenue sources and truly understands that customers treated well and fairly, come back.  Not that complicated really, but so few get it!  He learnt his trade from the other best in the business; his dad and that's certainly a fine old block to be chipped off.  Actually, to be honest, there are two people who can touch my cars: Pete, and his dad. No matter where he goes in the country, my cars are going to him, full stop."


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